Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom

German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP)


Internship part 1 (3 months): Friedrich Naumann Stiftung, Karl Marx Straße 2, 14482 Potsdam

Internship part 2 (3 months): Deutsche Gesellschaft für Auswärtige Politik e.V, Rauchstraße 17-18, D-10787 Berlin


Where am I interning?

The first three months the intern will be working at Friedrich Naumann Foundation, which is a global foundation with nearly 250 employees and offices around the world. The goal of the Foundation is to work for freedom and democracy in the world. On the contrary to Finland where development aid is channelled through aid organisations, most of Germany’s development aid is channelled through foundations. Friedrich Naumann is one of the most significant foundations in Germany. It has a strong presence in Africa, the Middle East, South America, Asia and Caucasia, where it actively works for freedom, equality and democracy through cooperating with political parties, and by educating activists and helping people to organise themselves. Together with other German foundations linked to political parties, the Foundation plays an important role in  coordinating of Europe’s cooperation in the Middle East and North Africa ever since 2011.


The next 3 months the intern will work at the think-tank Deutsche Gesellscahft für Auswärtige Politik e.V. (DGAP), which focuses on German foreign policy. DGAP is one of the most prominent think-tanks in Germany. DGAP has 13 different research programs and the intern will be working in one of them.


What are your tasks as an intern and what kind of experiences will you gain?

The work at Friedrich Naumann Stiftung provides you with insights into how a modern, global foundation operates. You will get experience from their international political department. The Foundation is similar to the American think-tanks in Washington, D.C. and is relatively unique in the European context. The tasks are diverse and will develop you professionally. While working at the international department you will communicate with the Foundation’s offices around the world, participate at interesting seminars and organise international visits hosted by the Foundation.


The work at DGAP is focused on research, and you have an opportunity to create excellent experiences at one of the most prominent research institutes in Germany. The work will give you opportunities to deepen your knowledge in research and German foreign policy, which are outstanding merits for your future. DGAP actively cooperates with global partners.


Good command of German is necessary for the internship even if the working language at the Foundation and DGAP is partly in English.


For more information about the internships and the stipend, please contact Björn Bonsdorff at Liberal praktik