Liberal Democrats


Please note that major changes in this internship can accur due to Brexit on March 29th 2019!


What is LibDems?

The Liberal Democrats is a social liberal British party. Member of Parliament Vince Cable is the party leader since 2017. LibDems is a member party of the European Alliance of Liberal and Democracts (ALDE) party and is represented in the European Parliament. The party has 12 out of 650 seats in the Parliament of United Kingdom. The Liberal Democrats is one of the most euro-friendly parties in the UK and opposes Brexit.


What are your tasks as an intern and what kind of experiences will you gain?

The intern works in the party’s International secretariat or at the Policy Unit. The international secretariat mainly works on different projects in cooperation with Westminster Foundation for Democracy. The goal of their projects is to promote and support democracy and political parties in Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe. 

The secretariat is responsible for the party’s contacts with the European party ALDE, the global Liberal International and African Liberal Network (ALN). The intern participates in the everyday work, such as coordinating and planning meetings, travels and visits. Additionally, the intern undertakes communication activities in the office and conducts research. The work requires accuracy, responsibility and proactivity.

As an intern you will have a unique chance to get insights into the British political work and the on-going Brexit process. Living in London and following British politics will give the intern an extremely interesting and different perspective into European and global politics.


For more information about the internships and the stipend, please contact Jaan Siitonen