Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)


What is Center for Strategic and International Studies?

Center for Strategic and International Studies is one of the world’s most renowned think-tanks focusing on international politics. With its 200 employees and several departments, the internship is perfect for someone who is interested in and keen on learning more about foreign policy. Several high-level politicians and diplomats have interned at CSIS. For instance, the Swedish Commissioner Cecilia Malmström interned at CSIS in the late 1980’s. CSIS is non-partisan.


What are your tasks as an intern and what kind of experiences will you gain?

The intern works in the European department at CSIS and participates in the daily activities, such as organising events, conducting research, participating at meetings and following other events organised by other think-tanks. The internship is similar to the position at CTR-SAIS, in Washington. The intern will work on projects where a background in economics, law, environment, political science or other relevant social sciences is useful. The internship will be a great opportunity to focus on global politics and to participate at events in Washington organised by organisations or embassies. The intern will have a chance to participate in the Abshire-Inamore Leadership Academy (AILA) program organised by CSIS Leadership Academy. The internship is a valuable merit for a career within diplomacy or international relations. The intern is expected to have sufficient knowledge of American politics and security policy, and is expected to be proactive, flexible and humble.


For more information about the internships and the stipend, please contact Jaan Siitonen